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Users can get rewarded to share their Dashcam camera recordings.

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Empower Your Drive – Join the Dashcam Revolution!

Learn How to Report Dashcam Incidents & Get Rewards
Professional Vehicle Dashcam Pointed Straight at the Road


Capture valuable dashcam footage that can serve as evidence in the event of accidents, reckless driving, or other incidents on the road.

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This website uses the latest AI tech stacks to make reporting easier.

  • Auto time, location extraction.
  • Car tracking and plate detection
  • Intelligent matching of records
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Information uploaded can lead to real $$$ rewards:

  • get bounty reward from others who need evidence they may not have
  • know that you help to build evidence of bad drivers for Police or Insurance companies
  • optional to have your video upload to social-media where any $$ gained is given back to uploader.